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How to Be Tech-Forward in Catering Business


Technology is just leading all the businesses worldwide and catering business is equally evolving in the market. Below are few tips for becoming tech forward with your catering business.

1. Using Catering Software

The most important thing to follow technology is using latest and updated versions of the software. No doubt manual working has mostly obsoleted in many operations and using catering software is just going to ease your life more.

You can find multiple catering software at different rates in the market as per their features while most of them contain a few basic features. Those basic features could be order processing, inventory management, payment processing and of course having mobile application option. Also, make sure to keep a catering event software in your phone as frequent traveling is in your destiny if you a catering business owner.

2. Be Active on Social Media Platforms

Dedicate a proper staff to handle your social media management. You know people prefer to get all their work done without moving anywhere physically these days and you should be just a click away to meet such needs. Be responsive and provide quick replies to people’s queries and chances of getting orders then and there will be very high. Link up your catering app with your social media pages so you are able to see conversations on your phone. It will help you to increase your response rate.

3. Be Mobile

Use a catering software having the option of linking up order placement directly with your catering app. You can give the app access to your chefs or kitchen staff so they can be notified immediately after order receipt. This will just make your procedures more efficient and of course, will attract customers to work with you again.

4. Keep a Smaller Staff

When you are using a catering software, many of the operations are managed automatically and you even get notified for follow up operations. So, it is better to keep a smaller number of highly skilled staff members giving them app access so your efficiency level can be improved. Technology majorly helps in saving time and cost and therefore lesser overheads will definitely help you move forward in your business more easily.

5. Keep Track of Deliveries

It is very important to keep track of all your deliveries either they are reaching to customers on time or no. You can track your deliveries through your software and keep an option of notifying delivery personnel as well for their performance evaluation.

6. Offer Gifts & Coupons

This should be done both ways like for your customers as well as your staff members. This way you can have a greater number of regular customers with a motivated and hardworking staff. Offer discounts or coupons to your customers who place multiple orders automatically through your software. This will convince them to place more orders in the future as well. And reward employees with some certificates or cash rewards if they show more efficiency in their work. Keep a track for them on your software and make an automatic evaluation to proceed with these rewards.

How to Do Foam Cushion Replacement with Ease?


Foam cushion replacement will give your sofa an amazingly new life when it’s lumpy and saggy. But, you’ll find the frame and fabric in good shape. As you have to buy furniture cushions of high-density designed, you should decide each cushion’s size of foam to fill them. You can simply change foam of the cushions if there are zippers in the back of your sofa. Here is the question that why you should replace your cushions instead of buying new ones. The first thing is if you want to replace the whole cushion it’s expensive. And the second thing is you can use your old ones as they are in usual shape. So, if you change them they’ll get literally some new days to exist.

What are the Steps to Replace Foam Sofa Cushions?

There are some simple and easy steps to replace foam sofa cushions. Well, let’s now them so that you can do it yourself at home.

First Step


At first, you have to remove your sofa’s cushions and also unzip them with the zipper. If possible turn the material out from the inside area. This is the way that will help you to take them out easily. You should carefully pull out the stuffing from the back cushions if sofa frame gets attached with them.

Second Step

Take out if there is any fabric or batting enclosed with foam cushions. But, don’t throw it out; keep them aside because you have to use it later. You’ll need them to wrap the foam pieces at the time of replacement.

Third Step

In this step, you have to measure the width, length, and thickness of each cushion. Remember that you need to add an extra one inch to every measurement. This will help your foam to fill up the cover of cushion correctly. You also have to measure the widest and longest parts of your cushion if it’s not rectangular or square. Now, you need to buy the cushion foam of high-density. It should be in good length so that you can cut it down according to how many pieces you have and how many pieces you need.

Fourth Step

It’s time to a draw a pattern for your every piece of foam you need. Use your hard work floor or surface to keep your new foam. Now, take your old ones and put them ones the new ones. Here, you have to use a marking pen to draw the outer edges on the new foam of your every cushion. Remember, you have to make every outer edge one inch larger all around than your old one.

Fifth Step

This is the step to cut your foam pieces out using an electric carving knife or a common knife.

Sixth Step

It’s time to wrap your every new piece of foam with fabric or batting that you have removed previously from the old foam. Now, just insert all wrapped pieces in the proper cover of cushion. And zip your cushions and the job is done and put them on your sofa’s back.


Foam cushion replacement is one of the simple DIY if you want to spend some time to do something on your own. Alternatively, you can get the service from the professional if you have a proper idea about the furniture upholstery prices. Hopefully, the above-stated steps are simple enough to help to make your job done!

A Simple Guide to Biking Clothing


This guide will help people out there to find better biking clothing for themselves.

Factors to Consider

1. Movement



When it comes to any biking clothing, the movement is very important. The riders have to move their legs, hands, arms, hips and even sometimes the whole body. They need clothing that can make it comfortable for them to gain maximum movement. With too tight clothing, the movement will be difficult and it affects the performance of a rider. So when you are choosing biking clothing and cycling products, consider how comfortable it will be.

2. Sweat-Handling


Riders do exert themselves more than anyone else. They are strong, their bodies are rigid and they also have great stamina. With this, their bodies release more sweat regularly when they ride. Their clothing has a significant role to keep them comfortable when they sweat. So clothing that can absorb sweat and let them feel comfortable is preferred.

3. Fitting


The fitting of the clothing for riders is associated with movement and sweat management. If their clothing is too tight, sweat will disturb them and movement will be the least. So fitting is an important factor. Bikers should choose clothing that is fit but comfortable as well.

Types of Biking Clothing

There are a number of clothing types for the riders. They need jackets, shoes, base layer clothing, socks, gilet, arm, and leg warmers, tights, gloves, and shorts. Some important clothing types are discussed below.

1. Shorts


Every rider needs to use shorts in summer because this will help them deal with the body sweat. Shorts of good quality and fabric should be chosen to stay comfortable.

2. Jackets


In winter, every ride needs a jersey when they compete in cold areas. Normally, a rider may not need a jersey in winter because they do work so their body remains warm. However, they should have some great quality jackets for winter. You can search through quality bike accessories for sale.

3. Gloves


Gloves are what every rider needs whether it be summer, winter or any season. For winter they may need leather gloves in order to keep their hands warms. But for summer and other seasons, ordinary biking gloves are fine for a rider. There are a number of companies making outstanding biking gloves.

4. Tights


Yes, tights are the need of every biker. Some people use shorts while other prefer tights. However, in winter shorts cannot be used. So they all will need tights of good quality to absorb the sweat and keep their body warm while they ride.

5. Base Layer


Every rider uses a baser layer of clothing between skin and jersey. As we know that riders produce more sweat so their body needs an extra layer of clothing. This layer has a number of uses and one of the best uses is to absorb the sweat and make the biker feel comfortable.

6. Shoes and Others


Shoes of a rider are different than normal sports shoes. Moreover, they are designed in a way to provide the maximum support on paddles. Apart from shoes, a rider also needs sock and gilet. All these cycling products should be selected carefully and as per the comfort of the rider.

What Are the Worst SEO Mistakes?


Some of the worst SEO mistakes that you should avoid when opting for the search engine optimization are given below.

1. Not Including Images and Fixing Them with ALT Tag

Sometimes an image impacts in a better way as compared to the directions in the form of content. Don’t say minimizes the bounce rate and reduce the bounce rate means better ranking in a search engine. Directions can be understood more effectively in the form of images rather than in the form of content. However, you should always use ALT tag so that an image can appear in the search engine in relevance with the keywords. Here ALT means alternate text.

2. Developing Unique but Low-Quality Content

As search engines are constantly evolving, so creating unique content no longer serves the purpose to raise the ranking of the website. Now search engines can differentiate between the quality content and spin-off of content. Creating quality content takes more time to research and then writing. So, now quality matters more than the uniqueness of the content.

3. Using Broken Links

Broken links not only give the worst impact but they also leave the visitors to the dead end which means that they are not going to visit your website again. Maybe they leave your website immediately after finding a broken link as it means you do not focus on quality. So, always double check links before making your website live.

4. Not Including Video

Gone are the days when only content could engage the visitors to stay longer on your website. Videos are more efficient to engage your visitors as compared to the content or images. It also decreases the bounce rate which ultimately means the better ranking. SEO services in Sydney can help you create impactful videos to attract visitors or potential clients.

5. Slow Website Loading Time



A website should load as quickly as possible. The algorithm of a search engine considers load time too crucial as nobody waits longer when a website takes more time to load. Visitors will immediately close your website to look for any other website, maybe lower in ranking but with little less load time. When the purpose of your website is to attract more customers delay of a single second can cost you huge losses.

6. Ignoring Mobile Users

As more people are using internet via mobile nowadays, so you need to make your website mobile responsive. Not making it mobile responsive means not allowing a number of visitors to visit your website when they are not using a laptop or desktop.

7. Not Getting an SEO Audit

Once your website is completed or if you have revamped your website then to get a better picture of the performance of your website you should consider an SEO audit. Search it for different site errors, broken links, an accuracy of the sitemaps, loading time of the external links, and a little search for a robot. You can hire one of the SEO companies Long Island to get your website audited.

There are many other major and minor mistakes which can happen if you are a novice or doing SEO for yourself without consulting with any professional. Hire a SEO freelancer if you want the best SEO services within a little spending.

Tips for Making Naturally Straight Hair Curly


Do you like to add volume and bounce to the naturally straight hair you have? If your answer is yes, then the only way of doing that is curling. However, if you are actually planning to curl your hair, then you will find a number of different options available for you. However for your information be informed that a curling iron is considered as one of the most effective as well as highly popular options to be considered. If you find that your hair has a great ability to hold curls quite easily and you like not to damage that, then I have some good news for you because of those easy overnight styling techniques. But what are some of the benefits of those so-called overnight styling techniques?

Benefits of Those Styling Techniques

Okay, first of all, they will provide you with the best curls for the next day you will be going to get. But if you would like to have a long-lasting curl on a regular basis and if you do not really want to style them on a regular basis, then you will surely be able to make it permanent and I am pretty sure about it because I have tried those before and it works simply fantastic. So basically, the main reason behind writing this article is to educate you with how you can easily make your naturally straight hair very curly without using any wholesale bulk hair. Therefore, to know more in details please do keep reading this article from the very top to bottom and I am quite sure that you will get something positive.

Tips for Making Straight Hair Curly

  • So to begin, the very one way that you can use to make your straight hair curly is using a curling iron. This is considered as one of the highly effective and simplest ways to get the hair curly. But what are the ways of doing that? Basically, it’s quite simple. At first, what you will need to do is to determine whether you have a short or medium hair. If you find that your hair is short or medium then you need to purchase an iron which should be 2.5 cm, means one inch. Hope this is clear. This is the first thing you should need to keep in mind.
  • Second, you will need to apply either hairspray or volumizing mousse to the dry as well as brushed hair you have. The hair you have does not really require to be freshly washed just before going to curl that.
  • Now based on the thickness of your hair, you will have to set the temperature of iron. Try to be very careful while performing this thing. Hope you got my point.
  • Now find out the thickest section of your hair which you already have and take an inch of it which is like 2.5 cm; so as soon as you take the thick section of your hair, then you will need to get that hot iron and wrap that hair around it.
  • Wrap as well as hold the hair you have in iron for a lot more volume but make sure to do it horizontally. And keep it for 10 seconds. Otherwise, you will loose curl extensions.
  • Now pin every single curl up smoothly and allow it cool.
  • Now release every single cooled curl and then you will need to spray it using a fortifying or strong hairspray.
  • Lastly brushing that freshly curled hair.

Hope it helps. Thanks for reading!


How to Declutter Your House in One Day?


We acquire so much junk that we don’t even realize. There is so much in our house that we don’t use or need anymore. It’s all a cluttered mess. Here are ways to declutter the house under 24 hours.

Sort every room in 6 ways:

  1. Put away
  2. Put in a different room (make a proper place)
  3. Donate
  4. Recycle
  5. Sell
  6. Trash bag
  7. Or hire a good junk removal Greensboro NC service


1. ‘Attack’ One Room at a Time

There is no right or wrong way to declutter. Divide and rule approach is the best. Don’t do all at once, attack one room take a break and charge again. Keep the separated piles in their respective rooms and at the end compile them together.

2. Don’t Hold on to Anything You Don’t Need

Make sure you get rid of anything that has no use what so ever in your house. No need to hoard.

3. Find a Place for Everything

If you can’t find a place for a particular item then it doesn’t belong in the house. It’s as simple as that.

If you can’t decide for the time being what goes where, then, place it in a temporary basket to sort later.

4. Make Storage Solutions

Get hooks for things like keys, coats, belts, and scarves. Buy baskets to store shoes, toys and Knick Knacks. Pile up your newspaper in a neat stack on the coffee table. Get an in-tray like those in offices to sort your mail on the kitchen counter. Sort your books in a proper shelf.

5. Time It!

Since you have to tackle the house in a day, allot time to each room and don’t take longer than that in one room. Give each room two hours at max. Reward yourself a 15-minute break after every room if you finish in time.

6. Declutter All Your Tables and Other Surfaces

We have a very bad habit of put things everywhere and anywhere just not in the right place. The nightstand, dresser, and sides of your bedrooms have the worst of the clutter. Siders need a coaster, a lamp, and remote control only. Dresser should have perfume, brush and a bit of your makeup. To make the room look clean you need to clear off these spaces first.

7. Bathrooms

When ‘attacking’ the bathroom, put all dirty clothes, towels in the laundry bin, rearrange your shampoo, conditioner and other essentials on the shelf, clean the basin off all things except your handwash or soap. Replace wet towels with dry and you are done.

8. Living Rooms

Coming to the living room, this is where the family sits to relax and watch tv. Hence this is the most cluttered room of all. Again, use the sorting method. Walk around with a big basket, anything that seems out of place goes in the basket i.e. books, magazines, toys etc. Clean surfaces like a coffee table and get rid of everything except a few neatly piled books and remote controls.

Decluttering isn’t hard once you put your mind to it. However, if it’s too time-consuming for you or if you don’t know what to do with the junk after cleanup, look into a junk removal Greensboro NC service.

Top 8 Value-For-The-Money Cars

Kia Sorento Philippines

Following are the best cars for the money according to 2018 reports which can be a good choice for you while buying a new car.

  1. Kia Sorento

Kia Sorento Philippines was among the top SUVs and minivans that won the best car for the money awards of 2018. The vehicle has a smooth ride and is pretty affordable for the consumers around the world. Kia Sorento Philippines comes with a chintzy, cramped interior and a loud, punishing ride, nice design, and great fuel economy and outstanding performance.

  1. Kia Soul

Kia Soul has a unique and boxy design that you will hardly find in any other small SUV or minicar. However, it manages to stand unique in all departments; performance, interior quality, the comfort of the rides, fuel economy, low price tag and beautiful design. Furthermore, the tech features like Apple CarPlay make it a more exciting small car.

  1. Ford Edge

Here comes another top car as well as the best car for the money award winner. Ford Edge has been refined when compared to the previous models. The ride quality is really great and comfortable that makes you forget that it is an SUV. If you are looking for a car that lasts longer, Edge can be a great choice.

  1. Lexus RX 350

To your surprise, this car has won the Best Car for the Money award nine times and its design, quality interior, performance, and comfort speak of its value. With the highest reliability rating and extreme comfort, the RX is very affordable and cheaper than most of the cars. You will hardly find the best car for the money than Lexus RX 350.

  1. Honda CR-V

This SUV from Honda has been rated as the best compact SUV at the moment. It distinguishes itself from other SUVs and minicars because of its ride quality, great performance, and best fuel economy. Moreover, the affordable price tag makes it a popular and top-rated car.

  1. Audi A3

The A3 model from Audi is really one of the best luxury cars that makes a true best car for the money too. This is the first luxury vehicle we have listed here because of its low price but competitive features, Audi brand tag, quality interior, high speed, excellent performance and comfort, and safety. With the current price tag of Audi A3, it is hard to find any other vehicle with better specs and features.

  1. Toyota Avalon

This is the first large and best car for the money. The price tag may seem a bit higher but it justifies its price and pays back for what you will pay for it. The leather seats, the spacious cabins, comfortable rides, best fuel economy, low running costs, great speed, and performance make it the best car for the money.

  1. Acura MDX

This list will be just incomplete without Acura MDX. This super cool car with an attractive design is also one of the best cars for the money. Good fuel economy, smooth ride, adept handling and a lot of other features offered make it a great car for anyone. The best thing is the design that makes it stand atop when compared with all the cars mentioned here.

7 Tips On Switching Your Broadband

home phone mobile and internet bundles Australia

If your current broadband provider has failed to meet your daily requirements or you are simply not satisfied with their service so, you plan to change your broadband. Switching broadband seems to be daunting as you already have a contract with one provider, but it is not that difficult as it seems to be. Here are some tips on how you can switch your broadband network easily.

  1. Check Your Current Contract Limit

Before leaving your current broadband, first, make sure that you have crossed your minimum contract limit. If you couldn’t find whether you have completed the time or not, confirm it from your provider. If you are still in contract then first complete your time otherwise you will be charged a large fee for leaving the contract in between.

  1. Figure Out What You Actually Need

There is a large number of plans that companies are providing, each has different types of deals for the customers. You have to first figure out what you want from your service provider so that you wouldn’t rant about their service later in the future. If you want greater MBs of the internet with fast speed for your office work or gaming session or you just want a limited and cheap deal to read and watch some daily news. Whatever you want, if you search carefully you will definitely find your favorite offer.

  1. Always Compare the Plans

There is great competition among the broadband providers. Each company is offering a numerous amount of services and deals for the customers. Search for your desired deal and then compare different home phone mobile and internet bundles Australia with other companies to find the best one for you.

  1. Determine Your Data Usage

Depending on how much data you use, you should choose a plan. For example, if you and your family spend a lot of time surfing the websites, watching videos, streaming songs, uploading pictures and videos and downloading stuff, then you should choose a heavy plan. But, if there isn’t much of data usage in your family then choose a lighter and cheaper plan and prevent yourself from spending extra money.

  1. Consider Fiber Optic

Fiber optic provides a swift and smooth connection. It is not as expensive as most of the people think. There are many companies that are providing fiber optic, try considering it if you want an uninterrupted service.

  1. Check Customer Reviews

Get a realistic image of your broadband provider by checking out the customer reviews on different websites. Read both good and bad reviews and compare the providers. This will help you from being ditched after contracting with a new broadband network. Investigate carefully before you switch to a new broadband.

  1. Sign Up Online for Your New Broadband Provider

Once you have decided everything, sign up online for your new home phone mobile and internet bundles Australia as there are discounts available on signing up rather than switching over a phone.

Keep the above-mentioned tips in your mind while switching your broadband and search properly to get an ideal network. Besides this, you must know how to manage my data usage.

8 Things to Do On the Central Coast of California

things to do on the Central Coast of California

In the south of San Francisco lies the Central Coast of California. It is famous as the most beautiful stretch of coast in the world. It offers everything from sandy beaches to delectable marine wildlife. It is actually a paradise. Here is a list of things to do on the Central Coast of California.

  1. Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

If you are crazy for waterfalls, just flock into state park. A 1.3 mile round trip overlook trail rushes from the parking lot to downhill towards the ocean. It passes through a tunnel underneath Hwy 1. Visitors come to take pictures of soft high McWay Falls that tumbles year-round over granite cliffs and drops into the beach or the sea depending upon the tide.

  1. Monterey Bay Aquarium

The enormous aquarium is Monterey’s most enthralling experience. It stands on the previous site of the city’s largest sardine cannery. It features all kinds of aquatic creatures from gentle and tolerant sea star and creepy sea slugs to vibrant sea otters. The aquarium is much more than a striking assortment of glass tanks.

  1. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

This is the oldest beachfront amusement park of the West Coast. This boardwalk has a splendid old-school Americana ambiance. The scent of cotton candy blends with the salt air and the screams of kids hanging upside down on carnival rides all make it an amazing place to visit. Popular delight includes the Giant Dipper. It is a 1924 wooden roller coaster. Another attraction is 1911 Looff carousel. Both are National Historic Landmarks.

  1. Penny Ice Creamery

This artisan ice cream shop offers whacky flavors such as lemon, blueberry, bourbon and ricotta apricot. All these flavors are prepared with local, organic and wild harvested ingredients. Even ordinary old vanilla is exceptional that uses Thomas Jefferson’s original recipe.

  1. San Luis Obispo Farmers Market

The biggest and the best weekly farmers market of the country changes downtown SLO’s Higuera into a giant street party. Here you can enjoy overflowing veggie and fruit stands, music, smoking barbeques and free sidewalk entertainment.

  1. Point San Luis Lighthouse

Getting to this picturesque 1890 lighthouse is an adventure. Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant overshadow it. The cheapest way to reach it is through crumbled and rocking hiking trail. Join an afternoon trolley tour if you take it easy and ride out to the lighthouse. You can scrutinize an original Fresnel and genuine Victorian-period furnishings inside the lighthouse.

  1. Seymour Marine Discovery Center

This educational center for kids near Natural Bridges State Beach is part of UCSC’s Long Marine Laboratory. The exhibits of interactive natural science embrace aquarium and tidal touch pools. You can stare at the blue whale skeleton outside. This skeleton is the largest in the world.

  1. Monterey State Historic Park

Old Monterey is home to an amazing accumulation of 19th-century bricks and adobe buildings. It is run as Monterey State Historic Park. You can scrutinize dozens of buildings many with charismatic gardens. This is a must see in the list of things to do on the Santa Maria California beaches.

Real Outbursts of Internet Law Litigation Firm

Law Litigation Firm

Internet law litigation firm has many things to perform and in order to bring about any changes in the domain of the internet crimes they have come forward with a view to being of any help to help seekers. Internet law is a very delicate issue and these need very careful entertainment. Otherwise, if the implications of the laws are not well understood then such implication may prove to be unworthy of the real purposes. The help seekers will then be deprived of the benefits of the litigation and they will not be free from all sorts of obligations and bindings of the internet laws. There are so many firms which are deemed to be the real pathfinder of complexities of the internet laws. Such firms are mainly comprised of a few experienced solicitors who have meanwhile have earned so much reputations in dealing the litigations evolving around the internet laws and the remedied to come out from the litigation. Now is the age of innovation and high technology and this very internet is the outcome of all the high technologies. Those days of relying on conventional ideas and technologies are no more in vague and people are now become efficient in taking the advantages of the new technologies.
The more the country is in ahead of the latest technologies, the more they will have an advantageous position in the universe. So the things that need to be mentioned here that internet laws are fully guided by the very regulatory board and the concerned authorities who take a very appropriate role in the enactment of the laws embodying the protection and safeguarding the offenders as well. Internet laws will surely save the people using the internet because if there are not any provisions of safeguarding the users then such enactment of laws will be no use to the people. So now it has become the necessity of the days to be well conversant to any of the matters you are going to deal with. It is sure that for such enforcement of the internet laws, the offenders get seldom opportunity to commit any of the offenses relating to internet and if the offenses are committed in any of the time then it will be sure that they have done it unknowingly. Had the law been known to them then they might not dare to commit such crimes. So it is evident that the spread of the enactment of internet laws should be more widely spread and the more it is public, the more benefits it is likely to harvest. It should be borne in mind that enactment of the law is surely for men but men are not for the laws. So if this maxim is true then such abiding by the laws will definitely bring a good result for the people of all works of lives. So basing on these aspects the internet law litigation firm is rendering their best support to bring the deprived ones to more closely.